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The department of information technology commenced activity in 2001 offering the B.Tech degree in Information Technology. The apparent assorted developments in computer technology, wireless and satellite communication explosion through the Internet are bound to make a various change in our lives.

The department has well qualified, experienced, dedicated faculty members and Independent Library for staff & students. Our Department was ensuring better teacher student ratio so that a personal attention is given to each student. The students are provided with the facility to gain practical experience by arranging industrial visits, In-Plant Training & Software Courses. The Department is equipped with good repository of software ranging in a broad spectrum of diverse applications and full-fledged computer labs consisting of more than 120 PC Systems with latest configuration. The department is able to produce the expected output, in educating the rural in the best way.

The Department also organizes Guest Lectures, Seminars and training programmes by experts from nationally and internationally reputed software development organizations such as MSME Technology Development Institute Chennai, Sutherland Global Services, and Slash Support etc. These form the gear and tackles of "Information Technology" - the technology of the future.

Since the Department of Information Technology was incepted, it has progressed with a vision and a strong commitment to developing competent programs, uncompromising standard of excellence and providing the state of art computing facilities and training to students.


To Mould our youngsters Millennium Leaders not only in Technological and Scientific fields but also to faster and strengthen the inherent goodness and humanitarian nature in them, to equip them to face the future challenges in technological breakthroughs and information explosions and deliver the bounties of frontier knowledge for the benefit of human race in general and the browbeaten and deprovided in particular as envisaged.


To develop high quality technical personal with a sound footing on basic engineering principles, technical skills innovative research capabilities and exemplary professional conduct to lead and to use technology for the progress of mankind, adapting themselves to changing technological environment with the highest ethical values as the inner strength.


The department has over 150 Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo computers, which are fully networked and have the latest software.  The computer center is fully air conditioned with adequate UPS backup, having covered up area of more than 15000 sq.ft and has internet facilities through 3mbps leased line with Aircel and local loop by Aircel Corp.

The department Library has books, which comprised of titles related to latest trends as well as related the curriculum of the students.  There are also many general books, which are helpful for the students to prepare for the Aptitude Exam.  The total numbers of books are more than 10000.

  1. Object Oriented Programming Lab
  2. Data Structure Lab
  3. Software Engineering Lab
  4. CASE Tools Lab
  5. Operating Systems Lab
  6. DBMS Lab
  7. Visual Programming Lab
  8. Network Lab
  9. Software Component Lab
  10. Graphics Multimedia Lab
  11. System Software Lab
  12. Software Component Lab
  1. Windows Server 2003 with SP2
  2. TurboC and C++
  3. Borland C++
  4. Microsoft Visual Studio.NET PRO 2007
  5. Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  6. Microsoft Office 2007 Professional
  7. Microsoft Windows XP
  8. Ubunto
  9. J2EE
  10. Oracle 11Gi
  11. Rational Rose



Name of the Staff




Dr.Ch.Divakar M.E., Ph.D Professor


Mrs.P.Ramasri M.E. Assistant Professor


Mrs.B.Durgalakshmi M.E. Asst.Professor


Mr.K.Ravishankar M.E. Asst.Professor


Mr.D.Mohan M.E. Asst.Professor


Mr.R.Suresh M.E. Asst.Professor


Mr.V.Raji M.E. Asst.Professor


Mrs.G.Ramya M.E Asst Professor


Ms.S.Silpa Krishna M.E. Asst Professor


Mr.D.Kumar M.E. Assistant Professor


Mr.G.Mohan Babu M.E. Assistant Professor


Mr.P.DeepanRaj M.E. Assistant Professor




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